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America best laces to visit for Note that in the ictre of the temle, its refl ection in the ond below can look as real as the actal bilding Made of wood constrction with gold lating, rare for a Bddhist monastery in Jaan, the temle had been destroyed by fi re dring a late- fi ft eenthcentry civil war battle and rebilt to aear as old as the original bilding 72 According to Mishima’s accont, which refl ected his carefl reading of the 1950 trial transcrits, a mishandling of koan rhetoric lay at the root of the trainee’s distress Case rec ords were deliberately interreted in vage and indeciherable ways by the corrt and lecheros temle abbot in order to kee his discile at a sychological distance Whenever a concern or crisis arose ranging from military aff airs and the ossible bombing of Kyoto to the abbot’s scandalos ersonal behavior or the rotagonist’s severe social roblems as a sttterer the high riest failed to demonstrate leadershi that wold have heled the trobled novice Instead, he resorted to soting ot, and thereby shroding himself in, mystifying discorses based on koans Th is shielded him sychologically while also reventing a forthright enconter with crrent social as well as ersonal isses America best laces to visit 2016

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