Amazing Holiday in the Fall

Amazing Holiday in the Fall

I’m tone down my frozen toes of the fireplace it’s nice FB Feet happy feet for sure, I’m heating up some apple cider and Michael is playing with his toy the drone super freaky looks like a giant oh yeah. I die three this little device keeps me connected to the world glaucoma and it gives you Wi-Fi anywhere in the world we used in China and Thailand Russia Poland now in Canada has a word to hoe in the middle of nowhere but you planning to the window and check our email once a day. So we’re not completely disconnected from the world thank you all right.

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I have to film, I’m still winning but it we’re playing foosball on our football table and, I have two points and michael has one hahahahaha do we have a really close they should be close. I think. So wow look at that the rain has come well Vanessa seriously oh my good look at those trees here going crazy.

I should that sure does chairs are actually moving quite a bit wow it’s completely wife ahead of us that’s crazy said, I’m coming in right there yeah oh it’s fun reading it come across the lake you know yeah scary look at this here well we go to every single type of weather in Canada this is like you got ready see the rain on camera, I’m glad we goes back from our canoeing early cuz that would be no fun the middle boy but perfect, I’m me back to for me. I’ll zoom in the results Oh to do did you do to someone good points and wow that’s me that’s right sure winner loser and the winner is me being I’ve ever made. I know.

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