Amarpur for But these foundations are broad enough to allow the construction of very large and diverse moral and political structures within which humans find themselves at great liberty to roam. Each one of us has some 100,000 200,000 genes, composed of 6 billion nucleotides that form the letters of our genetic code. The amount of information stored in our brains, however, assuming for the sake of argument that it corresponds to the number of neural connections, is many thousands of times greater. (The brain is made up of 100 billion cells, each containing thousands of connections.)20 We may interpret these facts to mean that human beings are genetically destined to develop cultural mores and technical means that challenge and stretch their biological propensities and capacities. Indeed, the leash by which genes hold culture is so long and flexible that culture has become the greatest force structuring most human relationships and activities. The development of a political life is possible for humans and impossible for other animals for one simple reason: they do not have our genes. Amarpur 2016.

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