AMANDUS d. 676 684. Bishop of Maastricht, founder and first abbot of the Abbey of Elnon now Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, missionary and evangelizer of the Low Countries. Born late 6th early 7th c., his birthplace is uncertain poss. Aquitaine, Poitou or Gascony. He first withdrew to the monastic life on the island of Yeu, then at Bourges, dedicating himself to a rigorous asceticism. His peregrinatio see Pilgrimages began with a trip to Rome and continued through all of Gaul, after his ordination as an itinerant bishop by Dagobert d. 639. His missionary movements were continual he went to England to rescue imprisoned slaves, and besides his work in present-day Belgium, where his evangelistic efforts were particularly effective, he also reached the Slavic lands until he settled at the monastery of Elnon, where he died 6 February sometime between 676 and 684. He frequently clashed with clergy and with other bishops who could not tolerate his moral rigor, esp. after his election as bishop of Maastricht, or later as bishop of Nantes. The foundation of many monasteries throughout Europe is attributed to him. Some biographies remain, although their relation to each other is unclear, esp. after the recent discovery of a fragment in a MS at Innsbruck 1976, the so-called Vita antiqua. According to the traditional hypothesis, the Vita prima was written in the second half of the 8th c., perhaps by Gislebertus, abbot of SaintAmand diocese of Noyon-Tournai, but it has recently been conjectured that it was written south of the Loire. Milo, monk of Saint-Amand, wrote a Life in the mid-9th c., to which is added a supplement containing, among other things, the saint’s will, probably authentic at least in its original nucleus, and his correspondence with pope Martin I. Another Life dates to the 12th c., and still another is contained in the Speculum sanctorale of the Dominican Bernardo Gui 1329. The cult of St. Amandus feast 6 February is particularly widespread in N France and Belgium.

Heilige Amandus, Viking, In de 9de eeuw verwoestten de Vi … holidaymapq

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