Already Living in the United Kingdom? Visit These Five Places for Great Local Vacations

Family and group holidays don’t always have to require flying to another country or a tropical island; there’s plenty of excitement to be had right here at home. Because group travel is becoming so popular, both for its affordability and its ease, you can find a coach for hire within driving distance of most towns and cities. If you’ve been considering a holiday within the local UK area, you won’t want to miss these amazing towns and areas. Whether you’re seeking a beach vacation or an adventure in the Scottish moors, these places will stir your soul and reinvigorate your heart.

St Ives

Beautiful St. Ives has inspired paintings, nursery rhymes, and stories throughout history. Situated beside the sea, it’s one of the most popular Cornish tourist towns. If summertime fun and beaches are what you seek, this is where to find it. With a railway ride from London that encompasses one of the most scenic routes in the United Kingdom, the cobbled streets o St. Ives are both affordable and ideal for people of all ages. It’s an excellent laid-back holiday location for families with young children, but has enough nightlife that young adults can find fun, too.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the town and around it. If you enjoy fishing, tours will take you out for a small fee. In fact, fishermen in St. Ives bring in fresh fish daily–meaning that most local restaurants can offer you entirely fresh seafood. Of course, the beach and surrounding natural areas are excellent playgrounds for hikers, campers, and more.

Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Although this area is in North Scotland, the beaches on this 130-mile long island chain of islands rival the Maldives. The area has clean, sparkling water, and it’s quite beautiful as a holiday spot during the summer. The Outer Hebrides is comprised of over 100 little islands, the largest of which include:

Isle of Lewis

Isle of Harris

North Uist & Berneray

South Uist, Benbecula & Eriskay

Barra and Vatersay

The area’s waters tend to be what draws people to the area, but you’ll find plenty of quaint old houses and villages, too. You’ll really only find one major town in the Outer Hebrides; that’s Stornoway, and it’s a lovely town to at least start from before you venture out.

Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly

Situated on the sea as well, Hugh Town is another UK location with areas that appear to be straight out of a tropical island. In the summertime, the population swells with tourists from all over the world. The Isles of Scilly are quite small, sitting just off the coast of Falmouth, St. Ives, and Penzance. You’ll need to travel by boat or airplane, but the trip is well worth the extra time to get there.

Hugh Town is fairly busy, considering that it sits on an island quite far from the coast. Regardless, it’s an excellent choice for those who would like to take a holiday that’s closer to home while still enjoying everyday amenities.


You’ll find the ruins of Camelot Castle and Tintagel Castle here; this makes for an interesting wander around the area if you enjoy history or even fables. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in history, Tintagel Castle is situated right beside a beautiful beach with reefs alongside it. The beautiful cliffside views are stunning, and the water sparkles with a beautiful aqua shade. It’s suitable for swimming on the warmest days, and is sometimes frequented by surfers who come during high waves.

While Tintagel itself doesn’t have a largely populated area, nearby town Camelford does; this can allow you to stay close to amenities while still escaping into the ruins and countryside. If you want to have a bit of freedom, consider renting a vehicle or a guide from Camelford to take you through the area. This will allow you to stop and wander around in the historic areas.


Although this little area is actually English, it appears for all intents and purposes to look like a French Provencal. If you love and enjoy all things quaint and delightful, head over to Cockington. The locals are quite welcoming and friendly and are more than used to seeing tourists come in, both from the rest of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. There are a few beautiful points of interest you’ll want to check out while in the village:

The lakes

Manscombe Woods

The Gamekeeper’s Cottage

Cockington Court

Cockington Country Park

The Drum Inn

Cockington Forge

Weaver’s Cottage tea shoppe

Each of these is packed with British countryside charm. Even without entering each of them, a walk through the thatched village ending at the Drum Inn and a night spent locally can be an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.


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