Alofi Map

Alofi Map

Facts Alofi
Countries Alofi Map: Niue
Alofi Map States: Alofi North and Alofi South
Found to Alofi Map: 1774 (By James Cook)
Alofi Map and Area: 46.48 km2
Alofi Map and Population: 581 (2006)
Alofi Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 19‚° 3‚² 31.94‚³ S, 169‚° 52‚² 31.48‚³ W
Time Zone of Alofi Map: UTCË’11:00
Alofi Map And Codes: 683
Languages of Alofi Map: Niuean And Engl
Religions of Alofi Map: Christian (Congregational churches are Protestant Christian)
Interesting places of Alofi Map: Tomb Point, Huanaki Cultural Centre and National Museum, Opaahi Landing, Utuko Beach, Alofi Rugby Club, Hikulagi Sculpture Park, Ekalesia Church, Omahi Beach

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