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APONIUS 6th c.. Passed down under this name, thought to be Roman, is an Expositio in Canticum Canticorum. The author’s exact biographical data are unknown. There are allusions in the texts to military invasions. The author shows an interest in monastic life. Allusions to Chalcedonian faith indicate the work cannot have been composed before 450; comparison of his interpretation of Song with 6th-c. exegesis recommends a dating after 500. Inspired by previous models Origen, ps.-Hippolytus and based on a fair level of theological and philosophical education, Aponius’s commentary merits study, both from the perspective of the history of exegesis concept of salvation history; spiritual vision of union between Christ and the soul and regarding its Christology, according to which Jesus’ soul, definitively united to the Word at the moment of crucifixion, found an eminent place see esp. Lib. IX, with Song 6:8-11. It also contains a pneumatology Holy Spirit of some interest. The work’s influence cannot have been great, however. Gregory the Great and Bede the Venerable knew the work; in the 9th c. a shortened form of 12 homilies was produced. CPL 194 bibl.; CCL 19; SC 420, 421, 430; LTK3  1, 887; LACL 2002 54; B. Jaspert, Stellvertreter Christi bei Aponius, einem unbekannten Magister und Benedikt von Nursia: ZThK 71 1974 219-334 bibl.; A. Grillmeier, Christ in Christian Tradition, I, London 2 1975, 384-388 bibl.; P. Hamblenne, Peut-on dater Aponius?: RTAM 57 1990 5-33; B. Stubenrauch, Der heilige Geist bei Aponius, Freiburg 1991; H. Knig, Die Auslegung zum Lied der Lieder, Freiburg 1992; P. Hamblenne, Le monde d’Apponius: Euphrosyne 20 1992 211-230; 25 1997 171-205; Id., Deux mtaphores apponiennes: In Cant. III, l. 92 s. et IX, l. 110-112: SE 39 2000 21-35; Id., Apponius: le moment, une patrie: Augustinianum 41 2001 425-464.Chalcedon.jpg holidaymapq

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