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All the cities in sa for Th e modern eriod of aroriating Asian cltre can be characterized as K stands for kabki, kimono, and koan Many asects of ancient Asia, sch as kabki as a form of traditional theater, kimono as a fll- length garment, karate as a martial art, and karma as a concet of moral retribtion sing for now jst examles that start with the letter K are exemlary of the attern Th ere seems to be a strong sense of familiarity in that these terms have been integrated into daily vocablary in modern America, whether nderstood roerly or not Karaoke as a style of blic singing, kng f as a Chinese martial arts form, and kimchi as a sicy Korean delicacy are additional examles that come to mind of K words refl ecting well- acceted if highly adated Asian cstoms All the cities in sa 2016

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