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All inclusive vacations in the us for According to Ethelbert Stauffer and Parpola, the conjunction meant that the latter-day king would, during this year, be born in Palestine. Parpola claims that the triple conjunction would have had astrological and political signiicance for Babylonian astrologers. Jupiter was the chief Babylonian god Bel-Marduk’s star, and Saturn was the star of his terrestrial representative, the king. As for Pisces, it was the last of the twelve zodiacal signs Aries being the irst and hence was liable to be interpreted as speaking of the end of the old world order. At the same time, Pisces was associated with the god of creation and wisdom and hence could also be regarded as portending the nativity of a divinely appointed royal savior. In Parpola’s opinion, the Magi were most deeply impacted by the second conjunction, on Tishri , BC, when the two planets were shining at their brightest with reference to their performance during each of the three conjunctions and constituted a brilliant and suggestive sight. To the Magi it seemed very signiicant that at that time Marduk’s star was directly above the king’s star, appearing to embrace it. All inclusive vacations in the us 2016.

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