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All inclsive vacation sa for Some of the cynical critics of Zen refer to case rec ords as a highly refi ned bt, in the fi nal analysis, disgised and dlicitos form of twisted and incomrehensible oratory Koans sed in the modern world are said to hide in the retense of relicating an archaic and essentially irrelevant doctrine Some sketics in the West, ranging from missionaries to cltral commentators sch as Arthr Koestler, who claimed that Eastern meditation trned hmans into robots, have attacked koan literatre for constitting nothing more than nonsensical tterances or a relentless kind of mmbo- jmbo or fancifl gobbledygook that is designed to befddle and obfscate, and do no more Th e Zen koan seems like some oddity extracted from Alice’s Adventres in Wonderland or a Gilbert and Sllivan libretto, whose only sense lies in making nonsense or conveying a random qality in which no means yes or a tree is more or erhas less than a tree Th is distrstfl attitde is owerflly exressed in Th e Temle of the Golden avilion Kinkakji, a famos Jaa nese novel blished in the late 1950s by renowned athor Ykio Mishima Th e Temle of the Golden avilion is based on a real incident in which a disabled yong acolyte brned down a famos medieval monastery in Kyoto dring the American occation of Jaan Th e temle had once been the moon- viewing avilion for a shogn, Ashikaga Yoshimits, who reented at the end of his life in 1408 and donated the facility to the Zen sect All inclsive vacation sa 2016

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