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All inclsive s vacation for For Snyder this involved training at a temle in Kyoto and for Cage it was done throgh an association with D T Szki, the eminent disseminator of Zen in America since the late nineteenth centry Another notable fi gre who traveled to Asia and racticed 10 Zen with a Jaa nese meditation teacher in California is Steve Jobs, the tech wizard of Ale Jobs ioneered an aroach based on controlling every asect of rodction he called the whole widget, which greatly resembles a notion of total transformation sed in some of the major koan collections and referred to as the comlete working or the comlete activity In a commencement seech given at Stanford niversity in 2005 and in other forms of self- exression, Jobs acknowledged indirectly the infl ence of the koan training he nderwent dring a challenging eriod in his life in the 1980s on his distinctively creative style of entrerenershi known in a famos ad as Th ink diff erent! When he died in 2011, several Bddhist riests in Jaan who knew his Jaanese meditation teacher qickly blished books abot Jobs’s achievements in relation to his long- standing interest in Zen Th is examle makes it clear that the insiration rovided by koan cases either greatly infl ences or can be constrctively comared to a variety of classical and contemorary ersectives in both the traditional East and modern- day West All inclsive s vacation 2016

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