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All inclusive trips to hawaii for Another is to redistribute assets to the poor to provide them with asset ownership. A third is to redistribute income to reduce income inequality, and a fourth is to publicly provide goods and services to the poor. All four of these measures are to some extent applicable universally, but the first two are less relevant in the industrial world than in developing countries. The factor price distortion argument maintains that the wage rate paid to labor is relatively high and does not reflect the scarcity cost of labor, leading to relatively capital-intensive production. Because of the presence of strong labor organizations and/or politically inspired legislation that sets the minimum wage artificially high, the actual market wage rate is pushed higher than supply and demand conditions in the labor market would dictate. At the same time, the price of capital, which is the interest rate in, usually, regulated financial markets, is set artificially low because of the political power of the business elite. The discrepancy between these two factor prices favors the use of capital-intensive production. All inclusive trips to hawaii 2016.

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