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All inclsive family vacations sa for Koan cases remain a bondless sorce of discovery for those intriged by and trying to catre the essence of Eastern siritality A key examle of recent develoments based on the imact of koans is the Beat oetry of Gary Snyder, who elogized Zen Lnatics who go abot writing oems that haen to aear in their heads for no reason and by strange nexected acts kee giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatres Another rominent illstration is the exerimental msical comosition of John Cage, whose iece 4’33, fi rst erformed as a classical msic recital, consists simly yet rofondly of a for- minte er formance by an instrment originally the iano that does not lay a single note Both artists stdied koan literatre in a formal way dring the 1950s All inclsive family vacations sa 2016

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