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All city in sa for Instead, it is imortant to recognize that koans tell stories abot enlightenment that make sense once the narrative strctre refl ecting diverse thematic elements is clearly discerned and described Th e fnctions of storytelling in koans that are instrctive and insirational shold be examined careflly yet critically in light of the tradition’s historical develoment Th ese sirital factors mst also be nderstood not only in relation to the contexts of legalism, fi ne arts, folklore, and art- ofwar imagery, bt also with an awareness of the contining imact of intense sectarian ideological distes Th e methods that we will se to nderstand koans, which are also sed for other traditions in religios stdies, take into accont sociocltral infl ences on the develoment of Zen in order to exlain what sense case narratives make so they can be comrehended in a systematic way However, this aroach may stand in contrast to a CHATER 3 On Methods to the Madness of Koans A New Theory of Interretation On Methods to the Madness of Koans 71 nmber of recent o lar readings of koans, which focs on how cases oint beyond reason Since absrdity is considered crcial to what is most intriging and thoght rovoking abot case rec ords, nmeros contemorary commentators highlight the nonsensical rather than the sensible side of koan discorse In doing so, however, they may lose sight of the comlex formative factors that shaed the comosition of the sorce narratives All city in sa 2016

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