Algeria for Of those who take part in this type of screening, less than one per cent are found to have an early cancer Moss et al Nevertheless, there is good evidence that this detection rate can significantly reduce rates of disease. Sarkeala et al. , for example, found a per cent reduction in deaths from breast cancer among Finnish women who were invited to mammography compared to those who had not received such an invitation. In the UK, the age limits of mammography in the absence of any particular risk for disease involve women aged between and years. Screening younger women appears to be less beneficial, partly because of the lower frequency of tumours in this population, and partly because their higher density of breast tissue makes it difficult to identify small lumps within it. Despite these benefits, mammography brings a number of concerns and anxieties, particularly for women who consider themselves to be at high risk for breast cancer. Such women frequently report high levels of anxiety both before and after testing ? even when their mammogram is found to be normal Absetz et al Unfortunately, mammography is not an exact science, and women may be called back for a second mammogram or an ultrasound scan, which provides a more accurate view of the breast if the results of the initial mammogram are not clear. Algeria 2016.

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