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emergency organization established towards the end of the Second World War to supply the basic food and clothing, raw materials and machinery requirements of the countries of Western Europe which had suffered extensive war damage. The organization was particularly active in Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Ukraine. It was financed by the British Commonwealth and the U.S., and extended its aid to the Pacific on the conclusion of the war there. It was only intended as an emergency operation and could not do more than ease the immediate shortage of necessities. It . was wound up officially in August 1946, and the major task of rehabilitation was taken over by the european recovery programme.

Unlisted securities markets. The markets in which the shares of public companies not listed on the stock exchange are bought and sold. Some dealings are carried out on the Stock Exchange under rule 163(2) and rule 163(3), which allow dealings in certain shares without the usual disclosure conditions for listed securities. One new issue house new issue market) also maintains a secondary market in the shares of a number of companies not listed on the Stock Exchange.

Unredeemable securities. irredeemable security.

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The Aland Islands

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