Al Waha Middle Eastern London

75 Westbourne Grove, W2 020 7229 0806 Open noon-midnight daily This gracious restaurant offers some of the best Lebanese food around town in modest, tranquil surroundings the name means the oasis”. Vegetarians are well catered for in the list of almost 50 hot and cold meze, and it’s always worth trying the daily specials. The set meals are particularly good value.

Al Waha Middle Eastern London Photo Gallery

Bronfenbrenner believes that as a society we need to commit more resources to programs such as the G. I. Bill of Rights that helped all families after World War II to get educations and to own homes. He also points to Head Start as a program that strengthens and empowers children and families. Bioecological theory helps parents understand that forces outside the family historical events, economic factors, social institutions like work impact parents care of children; importance of regularity and stability in children’s lives; and improvements in parenting come not just from changing what goes on in the home but also what goes on in society.

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