Akcakoca for Ideologies, we know, come in all shaes and sizes They san the olitical sectrm Irony is not neqivocally artisan; it does not romote any secific olitical orientation On the one hand, the ironist’s sketicism might oint her toward a rogressive olitics that denies the stability of tradition and the rerogatives of athority, for tradition and athority are tyically based on claims to incontestable knowledge Irony, in this case, might serve as a democratic force that ndermines imosed hierarchies On the other hand, the ironist’s sketicism might lead her toward a conservative olitics that disarages the toian rsit of eqality and endless rogress, which is tyically gronded on a faith in the innate goodness of the hman heart and the inexhastible ower of the hman mind In this case, irony might become aligned with an elitism that looks down on those who retain naive moral beliefs and convictions Akcakoca 2016

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