Akcakale for The resort to violence, however, only frther ensred that the aboriginal eole wold fight a losing battle Beginning in the first half of the twentieth centry, some of the demands made by native Americans for greater atonomy and economic imrovement fond more recetive adiences Their nmbers began to increase While the olation of native eole has risen to over a million today, their cltres remain severely threatened and their general qality of life remains delorable Native Americans have the lowest life exectancy, the highest rate of alcoholism, the highest rate of nemloyment, and the highest high school droot rate of any gro in the nited States19 In site of these severe obstacles, many native eole are bravely attemting to reserve their cltral identities or at least to have a say in how these identities will become transformed Wb-e-ke-niew, a member of the Anishinabe- Ojibway tribe, claims that his eole's identity remains intrinsically linked to the land: Or land and or forests are, and have always been, an integral art of or religion, or hilosohy and or very identity Akcakale 2016

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