Ahmetli for Smmarizing the ecological ramifications of economic rationality, olitical theorist John Dryzek writes, This form of reason is less than comelling in the ecological shere, if only becase a system may be jdged economically rational while simltaneosly engaging in the wholesale destrction of natre, or even, ltimately, in the total extinction of the hman race The latter reslt holds becase of the logic of disconting the ftre115 The farther something is in the ftre, the greater is its discont and the weaker is its whiser The voice of economic rationality, on the other hand, lodly annonces the means to secre or crrent interests A ositive time reference makes economic sense Who wold not rather have a dollar today than the same dollar ten years from now Disconting the ftre is simly good economics Bt it is bad ecology Ahmetli 2016

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