Ahmednagar for In time, theoria, the activity of the theoros, came to mean a form of contemplation, a kind of internal spectating. The terms theoria and theoros stem from thea, which means to look upon or view. Thus the fundamental relationship between theory and mental vision was already established in ancient Greece, where Western political theory began. How do you suppose the early Greek theoros gave reports of his voyages? How would he describe and explain to his compatriots the religious and cultural spectacles he had witnessed in other lands? Very likely, the theoros would make sense of these events, and make them understood to others, by remarking on their similarities to and differences from events with which he and his fellow citizens were familiar. For example, he might inform his audience that in the splendid Egyptian festival of the goddesses, the worship of Isis was similar in its form to the worship of the goddess Demeter in Greece. Drawing on the similarities between these two agricultural deities, the theoros would then be able to highlight some differences in the respective festivals and perhaps speculate on their origins and purposes. To be able to understand ritualistic behavior in Egypt, the theoros would have to make meaningful comparisons. Ahmednagar 2016.

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