Ahmedabad for Sexism is the exercise of legal, olitical, economic, or social ower in a way that discriminates against individals based on their gender Few wold deny the fact that, historically, women have been oressed Yet many believe that sch oression is a thing of the ast, articlarly in a contry sch as the nited States where everyone has formal eqality, that is, eqality nder the law Formal eqality means that each individal, regardless of sex, race, religion, or class, stands before the law with the same rights and rivileges as any other erson Formal eqality is established throgh rocedral or formal jstice rocedral jstice exists when everyone is sbject to the same rles and the same nishments if and when these rles are broken rocedral jstice does not ensre that everyone is actally treated as an eqal Ahmedabad 2016

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