AGILULF d.616. Longobard Lombard king. Having been the duke of Turin, he was elevated in 590 to the throne of the Longobards after marrying Theodelinda, Authari's widow Paul the Deacon, Hist.


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II, 35. Agilulf further strengthened royal authority against rebel dukes and vigorously pursued the struggle with the Byzantines, especially against Romanus, exarch of Ravenna, who had invaded several towns of Tuscia Romana.

Agilulf besieged Rome in 593; only the intervention of Gregory the Great and the mediation of Theodelinda ended the siege. The energy and ability of the pope finally led to a truce 603 between Agilulf and the emperor Phocas. Admiration for the work of Gregory and the influence of Theodelinda favorably inclined Agilulf toward Catholicism and the church; it is probable that Agilulf converted to the Catholic religion and at Easter 603 had his son Adaloald baptized.

At that point royal energy was directed toward the renovation and building of churches: at Theodelinda's wish, a church was built in honor of John the Baptist at Monza, and in 612 a Catholic monastery was founded at Bobbio, entrusted to the leadership of Columbanus. Upon Agilulf ‘s death in 616, royal power passed to his 13-year-old son Adaloald. O.

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