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6 Broadwick Street, W1 020 7439 0229 Open 11-7 Mon-Sat 11-8 Thu, 12-5 Sun This lingerie company is run by designer Vivienne Westwood’s son. The original Soho shop is the best, maintaining the slightly seedy air befitting its porn-chic image. Staff in pink uniforms sell 1950s pin-up-style underwear as well as accessories.

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The twenty-first century has brought us parenting experts on television. Dr. Phil, Nanny, and Supernanny offer parents guidance on child-rearing matters, and like their predecessors, they are both parent- and child-centered in their approach. Dr. Phil is a psychologist, but the nannies are unique among the experts in being individuals whose expertise lies in their having a lot of hands-on experience with many families, living in or spending long days with the children and their parents.

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