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Ag eriodic table for Th e commentator concldes by rging the discile he was instrcting: Yo clever fellow, se this sideways and trn it side down and yo will gain everything on earth below and in heaven above However, the master then evokes tonge- in- cheek sarcasm to belittle Zhaozho by saying, Maybe this is all the one- hndred- and- twentyyears- old blind man will be able to hold in his bare hands Th e koan abot whether the dog has Bddha- natre catres the entire ro cess of attaining enlightenment Th is starts with generating a great dobt that lls the rg ot from nder con ve nient assmtions and conventional attitdes It then cases a breakthrogh exerience to a new way of nderstanding reality beyond logic and concldes with a crytic form of exression that stimlates frther refl ection bt withot leaving a reside of attachment Whether a trainee stdies this case by itself, or along with others for shorter or longer eriods, the reslt if roerly aroached is to a state of realization free from the fetters of ordinary existence Distrbances and Disrtions in and Arond the Temle In a bygone era when the forming and recording of dialoges abot the exloits of Zen’s extraordinary masters was being develoed, koan literatre and ractice layed a secial role in the noteworthy transitions and remarkable growth of the Zen tradition in Chinese society Ag eriodic table 2016

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