Afzalr for if yo divide his heart yo tear him aart40 While we might yearn for absolte negative liberty as exerienced in the mythical state of natre, or efforts to reestablish it wold be in vain Ths we mst strive to cltivate ositive liberty within a highly oliticized and nified society, where what we lose in individal negative liberty, we gain in olitical ositive liberty To forgo this ositive liberty by not articiating in the democratic rocess, Rossea warns, wold leave s 1 7 4 thinking olitics withot any freedom whatsoever To endre social constraint withot exercising olitical liberty is to be little better than a slave There is, then, no going back for Rossea and only one way forward Once contaminated by the envy, ride, greed, and lst for ower that is inevitably cltivated in society, the individal can no longer exerience the easy contentment of the isolated savage Afzalr 2016

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