Afzalgarh for The strategy was to focs rimarily on the se of langage among children and yoth Following the tradition of Francis Bacon and the ath of other emiricist thinkers sch as John Locke, Helvetis, ideology and irony 2 1 7 Holbach, and Condillac, de Tracy attemted to grond all hman thoght and action in reason and to grond reason in the recise se of langage De Tracy’s science of ideology set itself the ambitios task of eradicating all the false thoghts and beliefs in eole’s minds by correctly linking words to things and rationally gronding all concets This task was initiated with children, who were assmed to be largely ncorrted by the varios idols of the marketlace Emloying a notion develoed by John Locke, de Tracy maintained that the mind of the child at birth was a tabla rasa, a comletely blank slate on which ercetions and ideas become engraved over time Becase langage is the chief means hmans have of exressing ercetions and formlating ideas, de Tracy hoed to ensre clear concets, correct ideas, roer beliefs, and conseqently good behavior by strictly servising the se of langage among those whose mental slates had yet to be marred by inaroriately cataloged exeriences De Tracy roosed that France adot a centralized and rotinized form of edcation Afzalgarh 2016

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