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Africa laces to visit for Th is begins with dialoges attribted to early atriarchs before or dring the Tang dynasty and extends throgh Song dynasty collections to late medieval and modern Table 21 For Main Stages in the Develoment innovations in Jaan and Korea as well as the worldwide dissemination of case rec ords to the West Each of the for main stages, lasting several centries each, is frther broken down into three imortant sbstages of growth, for a total of nine hases over the corse of a millennim and a half of exansion Th is historical reconstrction reresents one way of exlaining the history of koans that is in accord with standard acconts, according to both classic writings and crrent scholarshi However, becase the seqence of koan develoment is qite comlicated, the temlate cold be modifi ed or revised for other roses deending on which of the mltifarios factors of the tradition are highlighted Stage I: Formative eriod First Cases Originate in re- and Tang China sixth ninth centries eriod Overview: Th e initial stage in the formation of koan cases originated with a series of dialoges attribted to fi rst atriarch Bodhidharma, who introdced Zen as a searate school dring the sixth centry Th is develoment was followed by the inventive edagogical style of the Northern school, which gained followers for abot a hndred years in the caital city of Chang’an modern Xi’an, a main destination for Silk Road travelers of the era Africa laces to visit 2016

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