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Africa map of africa for Also, the Whither Koans, or Wither? 165 taciturn American president Calvin Coo lidge, who stood in contrast to the wordiness typical of most politicians trying to convince a skeptical public to embrace their policies, is sometimes praised for his parsimonious verbal style resembling Zen minimalism. Once, when challenged about whether he could contain himself to using just two words, Coo lidge responded by saying, You lose. Current Directions: Th e Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Various current trends aff ecting the function of koans in East Asia as well as on a global scale can be summed up by the famous phrase that there has been the good, the bad, and? unfortunately, in some instances that need to be disclosed?the ugly. Th is indicates a mixture of diverse factors that must be examined and evaluated before we can move forward with suggestions for the future. Th ere are many positives involving the adoption and adaptation of case rec ords in the modern world, especially in terms of advances in scholarship and innovations in practice as well as the applicability of koan training to contemporary philosophy and the arts. However, these areas of growth do not capture the whole story of Zen’s relation to modernity. Much criticism of the use of Zen koans has emerged, some of which may be biased and unwarranted but in other ways is richly deserved and in need of urgent attention in order to reform and recast the tradition. Africa map of africa 2016.

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