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Affordable vacation packages for g., no one in the irst millennium BC believed that Pisces was associated with Judea and the Jews; a nova cannot stand over a house and is not suficiently unusual or spectacular to have prompted magi to make a long journey; the BC hui-hsing is almost certainly a tailed comet; and BC is too early to be Jesus’s birth year. In addition, the combination hypothesis of Kidger is overly complicated and, more importantly, incompatible with Matthew’s account. It is very unlikely that each of the astronomical events mentioned by Kidger would have been interpreted as having a single, uniied message regarding the birth of the Messiah in Judea. Furthermore, Kidger’s hypothesis holds that the Star of Bethlehem was a selection of unrelated phenomena spread over years, with, for example, the astronomical entity marking Jesus’s nativity being the triple conjunction and the celestial guide to Bethlehem being a nova. However, the text of Matthew makes it clear that the Star was one single entity that appeared, heliacally rose, and went ahead of the Magi, finally standing over the house where the messianic child was. We conclude therefore that Kidger’s combination hypothesis is not a plausible contender for the Star of Bethlehem. Affordable vacation packages 2016.

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