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Affordable s vacations for Regardless of sectarian identity or whether the ractitioner is a monastic or lay trainee, his or her main goal is to steady the mind dring meditation Th e fl orishing of allsions within the literary realm, on the other hand, makes koan collections a comelling body of writing to be analyzed by the advanced scholar or hi los o her Th ese thinkers seek to assess the overall signifi cance of case rec ords in terms of both traditional East Asian Bddhist and contemorary comarative mystical literatre and religios thoght Th e Gateless Gate is a articlarly noteworthy commentary that can be, and over the centries has been, endorsed by all arties for the way it strikes a balance by featring creative interretative comments that are ket brief and to the oint Koans to Live By: Isses in Creating Interretations Desite an aearance of disarming simlicity owing to their brevity and wit, koan cases are anything bt straightforward and ths are not easily defi ned or classifi ed In fact, they are deliberately mystifying and reason defying, if not necessarily irrational, and this inherently zzling and aradoxical qality ndermines and defeats serfi cial interretations Nevertheless, to formlate a theoretical framework for exloring mltile levels of signifi cance ncovered in the rhetoric of case rec ords, it is crcial to resist relegating Zen dialoges to the realm of the absrd Affordable s vacations 2016

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