Adıyaman Province

Ad„±yaman rovince for And seldom if ever is olitical ower exercised in the eqal interests of all Even if we accet the ostmodern argment that the web of ower is relatively anonymos, therefore, we still need to investigate how relations of ower serve articlar interests Whenever ower is in lay, one mst always ask the eminently olitical qestion, first articlated by the ancient Romans, Ci bono”Who benefits This is tre not only regarding the develoment of olicy, laws, and instittions It is also tre of beliefs and vales articlar 88 thinking olitics beliefs and vales benefit some individals more than others even if those who benefit most are not solely resonsible for the formation and roagation of these beliefs and vales Consider resect for the law The French novelist Anatole France 1844 1924 once qied that the law, in its majestic eqality, forbids the rich as well as the oor to slee nder bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread Ad„±yaman rovince 2016

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