Adilcevaz for With the help of foreign aid, Yemeni leaders have made great efforts to provide social welfare to the people of Yemen. The country’s GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) stands at $14.8 billion, one of the poorest in the Arab world, with most of its trade coming from crude OIL exports. Traditionally, the people of Yemen have had an economy based on subsistence agriculture and were selfsufficient. However, by the late 20th century the country began to rely heavily on cheap imported goods from Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf States. The PERSIAN GULF WAR of 1990 91, followed by a civil war in 1994, has led to economic hardships for Yemen, and as a result the country has suffered infrastructure damage, rampant inflation, and devaluation of the Yemeni currency. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Adilcevaz 2016.

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