Adapazar„± for The same applies to calculations of attitudes, as totals are used rather than examining the strength and salience of individual attitudes therein. Steadman and colleagues argue that in modal beliefs, there may be one or more highly salient beliefs that hold high importance to the individual and that prediction of outcomes may be improved if such salient beliefs are analysed rather than modal beliefs. Aims of study To establish both the modal subjective norm beliefs and the individually salient beliefs held by a sample of women who had been invited for breast cancer screening mammography, either as a result of being aged between and and newly eligible for mammography screening, or as older women ? being re-screened as part of the National Health Service UK breast screening programme. It was hypothesised that individually generated subjective norm beliefs would have a stronger relationship with intention, and with subsequent uptake of screening, than would modal subjective norm beliefs. Methods A total of , women were randomly assigned to either a condition receiving a questionnaire composed of items assessing TPB constructs, which included a section assessing modal SN beliefs, or to a condition receiving the same core questionnaire but with a section enabling participants to generate individual SN beliefs. The first condition responded to items that asked whether My husband or partner/daughter/friends/GP/sister/friends from my religion/ experts from the media think that I should have my breasts screened if invited’, followed by a further question for each influence acknowledged Generally speaking I want to do what salience strength and importance. be significantly predictive of mammography intention, and attitudes and PBC predictive of intention to undergo a clinical breast examination Godin et al Studies of self-screening, in terms of breast or testicular selfexamination, report similar differences in predictors of intention compared with predictors of actual behaviour, but more longitudinal studies are crucial if a causal relationship is to be confirmed. Adapazar„± 2016.

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