Adana for These correlations were then tested prospectively. For the condition assessing modal SN beliefs, the TPB model was supported, attitude, SN and PBC predicted per cent variance in intention ? but not behaviour, and intention predicted per cent variance in behaviour. In contrast, the condition assessing individual SN beliefs found direct links between attitude, SN, PBC and intention per cent variance explained, but, in addition, SN had a direct effect on actual attendance, adding to the prediction offered by intention per cent variance explained. While these findings suggest better prediction of attendance by assessing individually salient SNs, the difference between the two conditions modal versus individual SN beliefs was not actually significant. Additional analysis examining only the first two normative influences endorsed by those in the individual condition found that these data explained as much as the total SN data, suggesting that the first-named normative influences are the most salient. Similarly, when the normative influences in the modal condition were examined individually, only those pertaining to husband/partner had a significant relationship with intention and behaviour. Discussion The results only partially confirmed the authors’ hypotheses. Adana 2016.

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