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Acknowledgement samle for Th e more eloqent and original, the better, so that an exression of awakening shold not lead to a bland mothing of what others have innovatively articlated before Gateless Gate case 18, Dongshan’s Th ree onds of Flax,’ a hrase given in rely to a qestion abot the stats of Bddha, also aears as case 12 in the Ble Cliff Record It evokes one of the most imortant examles of the meaningfl se of non seqitr among the amle sly of sch mysterios rec ords in the canon of koan literatre Case 39 of the Ble Cliff Record is a similar examle in that Ynmen answers, Th e fl owering fi eld, to a monk’s qestion Master Dongshan Shoch, referred to in case 12, is also featred in Gateless Gate case 15, bt he is not to be confsed with another famos master, Dongshan Liangjie, who was one of the fond ers of the Caodong/ Soto school Dongshan Shoch, a discile of Ynmen, was known rimarily for making a basic distinction cited by the comiler of the Ble Cliff Record, among others, between the se of live words, which are extraordinarily owerfl and transformative for their ability to trigger enlightenment, and dead words, which are debilitating and defi cient for their commonlace manner of exression Wmen’s verse gives high raise to Dongshan’s resonse for the way it liberates one from the vicios cycles of endless nrodctive dobt: Th ree onds of fl ax came sweeing along; Th e words rang tre, bt even trer was the meaning Acknowledgement samle 2016

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