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Accra Metro Map on Farmers were assigned quotas of each and had to sell to the Dutch state at fixed prices and to ship them on Dutch ships. The system quickly became very profitable and constituted as much as approximately one-third of the state’s revenue throughout the nineteenth century. Not everyone was pleased. In 1860, a former colonial official, using the alias Multatuli, published Max Havelaar: The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company, a scathing condemnation of the Cultivation System that exposed the brutal exploitation of Javanese peasants upon which it rested. The government bowed to public pressure fueled by the book and instituted a series of reforms, such as public education and irrigation, that were collectively called the Ethical Policy. By the end of the century, most economic regulations had been removed and the local economy prospered. In the 20th century, the Indonesian economy benefited from the presence of rich oil and gas reserves. Accra Metro Map 2016.

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