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Abohar India for 138 Jstice remains a rimary virte for tilitarians becase it is believed to yield the greatest social tility”that is to say, jstice is the most sefl of the virtes It is the most sefl becase it rodces a social order that aroriately balances the rsit of individal and collective goods, inclding the goods of freedom and secrity Jstice, as a virte and a social order, fosters the greatest hainess for the greatest nmber statecraft and solcraft 2 0 5 The Limits of Jstice One might say with only slight exaggeration that jstice is celebrated by olitical theorists and hilosohers of all ersasions, ancient and modern, deontological and tilitarian Jstice is deemed a rimary virte, the highest tility for hman beings, the key to individal and collective secrity and hainess The rsit of jstice is sfficient case for eole to ignore self-interest and risk life and liberty Yet the millennia-old discorse abot the rimacy of jstice evidences a recrring conteroint Abohar India 2016

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