Abney Park Cemetery graveyard for dissenters

Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 © Stoke Newington © Angel or King’s Cross, then bus 73 www.abney-park.org.uk Open daylight hours daily Neglected for much of the 20th century, Abney Park is a gothic fantasy – gravestones broken and scattered, statues toppled and overrun with ivy, and green tendrils grasping to reclaim the ground. This natural tide has been only partially stemmed by recent interventions to clear pathways, and it remains a wild and enchanting woodland. Among the religious nonconformists buried here the most famous is William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. The main entrance, with its dramatic Egyptian gateway, is on Stamford Hill, but the more secretive way in is via a small gate on Church Street. The inner reaches – where you’ll eventually reach a decrepit chapel – can feel very remote, and if you are visiting alone you may feel safer at the weekend, when it becomes the haunt of local families. Abney Park Cemetery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia alltravel8Derelict London Cemeteries and Churches – Derelict London alltravel8Shrine to Dissent / Dissenting Gothic / Abney Park Cemetery The … alltravel8

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