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A Travel Guide To Chengzihe for Ingledew and McDonagh have shown that health behaviour serves coping functions which may be considered as short-term goals of the behaviour; for example, for some individuals smoking may serve the function of coping with stress. These authors identified five coping functions attached to health behaviour problem solving, feeling better, avoidance, time out and prevention. For example, exercise behaviour loaded on to a prevention with problem-solving’ function, but also on to a time out with problem-solving’ function. Such findings highlight the often neglected fact that there are many reasons for why individuals behave in the way that they do; in this case, individuals exercised as a means of preventive health behaviour but also as a means of time out or relaxation. The implication of this is that interventions designed to reduce unhealthy’ behaviour need to take account of the coping functions or goals that individual behaviour serves for each individual ? it is these goals that will motivate the behaviour see later in this chapter and Chapter Personality Personality is, generally speaking, what makes individuals different from one another, in that each of us thinks and behaves in a characteristic manner, showing traits that are particularly enduring regardless of situation. Different scientists have proposed different numbers of key traits or dimensions of personality; two of the major examples are presented here. Eysenck’s three-factor model . A Travel Guide To Chengzihe 2016.

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