A City Map

a city map 3 A City Map
Bologna Italy City Map See map details From thesalmons.org By www.mappery.com
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Size: 1025 x 1024 315 kB

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a city map 123 A City Map
Vatican City Map See map details From find-our-community.Created


A City Map for Schofield, M. et al. established an intervention involving formal education addressing the health risks associated with smoking, information leaflets and bi-weekly school newsletters for parents, letters to tobacco retailers, smokefree school policy development, encouragement of non-smoking parents, peers and teachers as role models, peer influence programmes, and incentive programmes. When compared to schools that had not implemented these elements, no differences in smoking rates were found over a period of two years. Out-of-school activities One alternative to school-based programmes is provided by a programme known as Smokebusters. This is a community ? deliberately not school-based ? intervention aimed at preventing young people smoking. It involves a series of clubs throughout Europe, each of which emphasises the positive aspects of non-smoking rather than the negative aspects of smoking. A City Map 2016.

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