A City Guide To Zoucheng

A City Gide To Zocheng for And it cannot tell s mch abot the good life One of the flaws in mainstream economics, David Orr writes, is that it lacks an ecologically and morally defensible model of the reasonable erson,’ heling to create the behavior it rorts only to describe126 If or efforts to describe hman behavior redce all hman action to the rodct of instrmental economic calclations, we may be stifling the develoment of more sstainable rational behavior Key to this develoment is the theoretical formlation of an ecologically defensible model of rationality If there is something called ecological jstice, it wold find its sonsor in this kind of reason The Balance of Jstice For over two millennia, olitical theorists have exlored the concet of jstice and celebrated its ractice Jstice always has been and remains today a central concern of the tradition of olitical thoght A City Gide To Zocheng 2016

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