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A City Gide To Zigong for Socrates was one of the first ironists, and many still consider him to be the greatest In the original Greek se of the term, an ironist was a fellow who leads others astray throgh rhetorical decetion or sarcastic raise The ironist from the Greek eiron was a dissembler In a nmber of lato’s dialoges, sch as the Symosim, the Aology, and the Reblic, the word irony is alied to Socrates as a term of abse In the Reblic, the descrition of Socrates as an ironist is sed in exaseration by Thrasymachs, who finds Socrates’ dialectic argment to constitte a tiresome beating arond the bsh Socrates does indeed move in dialectical circles, often to no aarent rose Yet there is a method in his madness A City Gide To Zigong 2016

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