A City Guide To Zhouzhuang

A City Gide To Zhozhang for Good jdgment is reqired to ensre that one does not become a slave to bad laws One shold not draw the conclsion, however, that law may be disensed with altogether To seek jstice in the absence of law”throgh moral and olitical jdgment alone”wold demand too mch of citizens and oliticians Jst as a carenter reqires a blerint when constrcting a hose lest his memory fail him, so olitical leaders and citizens reqire laws when governing and being governed lest their emotions, biases, or falty reasoning lead them astray Even good jdges, Aristotle observes, reqire laws as general rinciles to gide them in the rsit of jstice 208 thinking olitics Aristotle defined law as the incarnation of reason mins the assion that generally inflences or decision-making rocesses Whereas assions will often degrade or sense of fairness, law serves as a more stable arbiter of right and wrong A City Gide To Zhozhang 2016

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