A City Guide To Zhoucheng

A City Gide To Zhocheng for the social environment is obviosly man-made An exerimental analysis shifts the determination of behavior from atonomos man to the environment”an environment resonsible both for the evoltion of the secies and for the reertoire acqired by each member A City Gide To Zhocheng 2016

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She increased mothers attentiveness to infants signals and aroriate resonses to them She also sggested effective ways for mothers to soothe babies when they cried, and exlained why it was imortant to do so She encoraged mothers to lay with their babies to increase leasrable interactions and redce the negative qality of interactions Each visit lasted two hors, and was focsed on the individal behaviors of each mother–infant air After the intervention, exerimental gro mothers were significantly more sensitive, stimlating, and attentive to their nine-month-old children, and their babies were more sociable and more able to soothe themselves

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