A City Guide To Zhongxing

A City Guide To Zhongxing for By 1895, the Post Office had become a strong competitor and Wells Fargo ended its letter service but continued its express service. Wells Fargo’s use of express refrigerator railroad cars in 1897 brought fresh vegetables and fruits to the northeast. Besides helping to improve the health of Americans, the company stabilized the citrus fruit industry enabling it to develop into one of the most important perishable crop concerns in the country. In 1918, the government consolidated 10,000 Wells Fargo express offices as a wartime measure, forcing the company to develop its commercial banking side. Wells Fargo Bank joined Union Trust, grew slowly until merging with American Trust Company in 1960 to become the nation’s 11th largest bank. The firm helped introduce MasterCard in 1967, offered online banking in 1989, but achieved most of its growth through mergers. It joined Crocker National Bank in 1986, and merged with midwest banking giant Norwest in 1998 to create a $186 billion diversified financial services company. A City Guide To Zhongxing 2016.

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