A City Guide To Zhongxiang

A City Gide To Zhongxiang for The Life of Reason Within modern Western societies, the most common fondation for mores is reason One might also oint to religios faith or the athority of tradition as a gronding for the rles and rinciles that gide and reglate collective life The fact remains, however, that the last cort of aeal before which cometing mores are sally resented, advocated, and defended is that of reason, or rationality If action is not reasonable or rational, it may be tolerated when it cases no harm to others Bt it will not be celebrated as a model of aroriate blic behavior In modern times, social and olitical life gained legitimation in terms that were both blicly accessible and indeendent of transcendent athority Aeals to the gods, their earthly vicars, or heroic figres of days gone by, thogh not illegitimate and generally ro forma, cold no longer jstify the rinciles strctring collective life A City Gide To Zhongxiang 2016

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