A City Guide To Zhijiang

A City Guide To Zhijiang for Politics is a diffuse and variable affair. The level of exactness we pursue in our political assessments should not exceed that allowed by the subject matter. Aristotle holds that the measuring rod for politics ought to be pliable. It shouldr esemble the measuring rodmad e of soft leadthat was developedin his time by the architects andmasons on the islandof Lesbos. A leaden rule can measure things of various shapes better than a rigid square because it can bend to conform to these shapes. Likewise, the norms appropriate for assessing the world of politics need to be flexible. In order to account for a world filled with unpredictable irregularities and ambiguities, our conceptual schemes must not be so rigid as to make them unfit for use. A City Guide To Zhijiang 2016.

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