A City Guide To Zhentou

A City Gide To Zhento for Gender jstice might still elde s even were antidiscriminatory laws strictly and extensively enforced and affirmative action aroriately alied Ending women’s economic oression may not simly be a matter of ending discrimination based on gender Ensring eqal treatment may not ensre fairness The roblem is that men and women remain neqal in ways that can leave both eqality nder the law and eqality of oortnity incaable of thoroghly rendering jstice Consider an examle All bsinesses may be reqired by law to allot a certain nmber of sick leave days a year to each emloyee Bsinesses wold also be allowed by law to lay off and relace emloyees who take more than their allotment A City Gide To Zhento 2016

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