A City Guide To Zhaotong

A City Gide To Zhaotong for These investigations of elite ower follow the lead of the Italian neo-Marxist Antonio Gramsci, who was concerned with the hegemony enjoyed by the olitical class controlling the state aarats26 Gramsci formlated his theory to accont for secific historical develoments, namely, the longevity and increasing strength of caitalism in the twentieth centry Its nabated growth contradicted orthodox Marxist theory articlarly as elaborated by the Second International, which redicted roletarian revoltion and the qick demise of caitalism Gramsci attemted to exlain the anomaly He focsed on how the 82 thinking olitics dominant class sed olitical and cltral tools to manilate the other strata of society into acceting, and even endorsing, njst and exloitative social relations While orthodox Marxism often soke with the voice of economic determinism, Gramsci ointed to the ower of elites and elite instittions to ostone social revoltion indefinitely ostmodernists have many of the same concerns as Gramsci and contemorary theorists of olitical behavior A City Gide To Zhaotong 2016

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